Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training classes that target key outcomes.

Every program starts with our foundational EQ training

Gain personal emotional mastery

Scenarios of impact:

  • Maintain solid ground in any situation

  • Pivot from upset to unstoppable

  • Develop breakthrough creative capability

Then choose the focus area where your team needs an upgrade the most.


Effectively calm upset people

Effectively calm upset people

Scenarios of impact:

  • Unhappy customers

  • Conflict resolution

  • Crisis management


Bounce back from emotional downs

Scenarios of impact:

  • Company-wide re-organizations

  • Ongoing exposure to traumatic material

  • High depression & associated health claims


Increase productivity & creativity

Scenarios of impact:

  • Innovation has come to a halt

  • Low morale

  • Required or desired increase in output


Develop strong team relationships

Scenarios of impact:

  • High turnover

  • Weak team relationships & empathy

  • Lack of effective feedback mechanisms

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