We are giving emotional mastery to the world's most important performers.

Emotional Intelligence is a skillset that enables people to feel better, and do better, more often.

Companies who have emotional intelligence training integrated into their culture have the highest performing teams. That is because your EQ enables your team to transform emotional blocks into powerful productivity. A huge amount of energy is bound up in emotions. Are your emotions helping you get your work done? Or are they making it harder? Without a emotional intelligence skillset, the average person loses 1 hour to anxious thoughts a day. For companies, this is 1 in 10 salaries lost a year. What if that power could be taken back? With these trainings, it can.

We believe organizations have a role to play.

With the power to help thousands of people through the implementation of 1 training, we recognize every organization as a gateway for emotional mastery. Employees will come to love your company not just because of healthcare, but because you actually care and effect their daily well-being. At Mindlight, we have our own set of internal standards, too. Our team believes in freedom, courage, empowering the world to feel good, and having the courage to ensure we also feel good while we do it.

Meet the founding partners.

Lillian Moore

Lillian Moore is on a mission to bring the latest in brain science into techniques and practices that change lives. She has been training as a healer since age 9. As an adult she studied alternatives to psychotherapy, and psychiatry, learning and mastering a technique called Tapping or EFT, which has been proven to resolve PTSD and Depression faster than any other modality. She has held a private practice in New York and in Austin, TX, helping people resolve trauma and fulfill on their dreams for the last 12 years. She has led workshops and trainings nationally and internationally, now owns a full time practice training other practitioners in result oriented healing techniques.

Melanie Weinberger

Melanie Weinberger creates initiatives that drive positive human progress. A sought after public speaker, she enables transformation by helping people tap into the mastery of their minds. Prior to co-founding Mindlight, Melanie founded Wellshift, which delivered wellness programs into companies across America. Melanie is also a founder an active leader of Peace Potluck, a grassroots organization that brings communities together to facilitate local progress of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In her additional time, she consults with companies who are ready to build their culture at a mission-driven level, and delivers Mindset Mastery coaching to leading entrepreneurs. Melanie calls Austin, TX home.

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