Livestream & Live Event in Austin, TX  |  June 4, 2018  |  7pm CST

Organizational Resiliency Training Demo

Experience: TAPPING!

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"I attended your Emotional Intelligence training event at SXSW and was blown away. Thank you for bringing this to the world. I like your style."

What is Resiliency Training?

A hallmark of Emotional Intelligence

There is a fundamental path we all follow to resolve an upset. Whether that upset is a stressful moment at work or an acute trauma like an assault. Often this process happens without us even knowing its happening. Sometimes it seems we just get over things and sometimes we can’t. We say that time heals all wounds. But we all know that, is sometimes true and sometimes not true. 

Some events hard as they were to live through make us stronger and kinder while others become like weights piling up on us leading us towards a burnout or depression. 

What is it that enables us to transform some events into assets while others become liabilities? And is it learnable? 


Case studies have shown that moderate to severe depression can be resolved in just a few weeks, that PTSD from the most traumatic events that humanity participates in can be resolved in just 6 weeks, when you utilize the brains inherent process of emotional resolution and our bodies energetic design together. 

These practices are easy to learn and can be done on your own for yourself without needing any product, program or guide.


You could turn something that is really upsetting you into something that you are grateful for, that you feel peace and appreciation when you think about it.

Not with time but with training. This is what resiliency training is.

Expected Organizational Outcomes From Team Resiliency Training

  • Lower depression

  • Faster upset recovery

  • Lower healthcare claims

  • Higher productivity

  • Higher morale

You'll experience: Tapping

A wildly potent technique being introduced to the corporate world for the first time.

Your training event hosts

Lillian Moore

Master Resiliency Trainer

Founding Partner, Mindlight

Melanie Weinberger

Organizational Wellness Expert

Founding Partner, Mindlight


7pm. Arrive, meet the attendees, enjoy a snack [or tune in via livestream!]

7:15pm. Introductions in the room, and introductions to the concepts

7:30pm. Resiliency training demo & practical application practice

8:10pm. Round table discussion

8:30pm. Wrap up, goodbyes, high fives


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