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We uplift your life experience.

"Emotional mastery a skill set

that enables people to feel

better and do better more often."

- Lillian Moore, Founding Partner



Mindlight is a personal and professional development company focused on enabling you to harness and live with your internal sovereignty.

Our curricula put you back in the driver’s seat of your daily experience, enabling you to have the peace, creativity, productivity, and easy joy you desire in all areas of life.

Our research and experience-based courses and trainings provide our students and clients with the tools for emotional mastery that allow for your best human qualities to come forward--whether personally or professionally. 


We offer 3 paths

of education.

Individual classes

Corporate training & consulting

Emotional mastery can greatly impact our relationships with ourselves, our loved ones, and our careers.


Our individual classes cover a broad range of topics designed to help you master emotional intelligence, by teaching resiliency, powerful creativity, and healthy connected relationships

Companies who have emotional mastery training integrated into their culture have the highest performing teams because your EQ enables your team to transform emotional blocks into powerful productivity.

Our corporate work teaches emotional mastery to the world’s most important performers. We serve teams that require high performance in high-intensity environments.

Practicioner training program

For those who feel called to teach others the tools of emotional intelligence and mastery. Our practitioner training program is designed for coaches, healers, teachers and wellness practitioners.


Our philosophy is founded on 5 truths.


There is a basic goodness to existence.

A natural flow that is in harmony.


We are all connected to each other and everything else by that basic goodness.


As a product of that basic goodness, we are infinitely powerful.


As within so without. Our inner experience is reflected in our external experience.


All feelings are good feelings. We experience things that we like and things that we don't like, and this is also good.


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