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Give your team the emotional
support they need to thrive.

80% of workers feel high stress on the job.

A complex problem

With pressure and emotions high, workers experience creativity blocks, communication breakdowns, and it's not hard to see why.

Stress directly inhibits performance.

- Harvard Business Review, 2016

It turns out that 40% of employees say they need help managing their stress, too. Studies show that experiencing stress is responsible for a direct loss of 1 hour of productivity per employee per day. This amounts to companies losing the entire productivity of 1 in 10 people a year.

Emotionally resilient teams transform stress and outperform the rest.

A simple training solution

Organizations that prioritize resiliency training in their employees have the highest performing workforce and the lowest turnover.

What companies are saying

"Thank you for leading an extraordinary event that led to extraordinary results for our members and our community."

Sara Imparato, WeWork, Austin

“My work with Lillian was nothing short of incredible. I was amazed by the changes I felt after just one session.”

- Carey, New York, NY

“Lillian has a quality about her that just brings peace. She helped me get through some tough times and has contributed to my own work as a leader."

 - Madison, New York, NY

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